How can I communicate with others?
Giving and receiving meaningful feedback
Use intercultural understanding to interpret communication
Use a variety of speaking techniques to communicate with a variety of audiences
Use appropriate forms of writing for different purposes and audiences
Use a variety of media to communicate with a range of audiences

Interpret and use effectively modes of non-verbal communication
Negotiate ideas and knowledge with peers and teachers

How can I demonstrate my communication skills?
Read critically and for comprehension
Read a variety of sources for information and for pleasure
Make inferences and draw conclusions
and interpret a range of discipline-specific terms and symbols
Write for different purposes
Understand and use mathematical notation
Paraphrase accurately and concisely
Preview and skim texts to build understanding
Take effective notes in class
Make effective summary notes for studying
Use a variety of organizers for academic writing tasks
Use a variety of media
Organize and depict information logically
Structure information in summaries, essays and reports
Understand and implement intellectual property
Create references and citations, use footnotes/endnotes and construct a bibliography according to MLA conventions
Identify primary and secondary sources

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