self management

Organisation skills

How can I manage my time and tasks effectively?
How can I demonstrate organisation skills?

How to plan short and long term assignments
How to meet deadlines
How to prepare for summative assessment (examinations)
How to keep and use a weekly planner for assignments
How to set SMART goals
How to plan strategies and take action to achieve personal and academic goals
Bringing necessary equipment and supplies to class
Keeping an organized and logical system of information files/notebooks
Storyboarding-Organizing complex information
Understanding your multiple intelligences (Gardner) with self-test
Understanding and using sensory learning preferences (learning styles)
Selecting and using technology effectively

Affective skills

How can I manage my own state of mind?

How can I be more mindful?
Practice focus and concentration
Practice strategies to develop mental quiet
Practice strategies to overcome distractions

How can I learn perseverance?
Developing your persistence and perseverance
Practice delaying gratification/emotional management
Strategies to overcome impulsiveness and anger
Strategies to prevent and eliminate bullying
Strategies to reduce anxiety
Practice being aware of body-mind connections

How can I learn to be self-motivated?
Analyzing causes for failure
Practice self-talk
Practice positive thinking

How can I learn to be more resilient?
Practice ‘bouncing back’ after adversity, mistakes and failures
How to deal with failure
Practice dealing with disappointment and unmet expectations
Dealing with change and loss

Reflective skills

Develop new skills, techniques and strategies for effective learning
Identify strengths and weaknesses of personal learning strategies (self-assessment)
Demonstrate flexibility in the selection and use of learning strategies
Try new approaches to learning and evaluate their effectiveness
Consider content (What did I learn about today? What don’t I yet understand? What
questions do I have now?)
Consider ATL skills development (What can already do? How can I share my skills
to help peers who need more practice? What will I work on next?)
Consider personal learning strategies (How efficiently and effectively am I learning?
What can I do to become a more efficient and effective learner? How can my
understanding of personal strengths and weaknesses help me develop my own
strategies for learning?)
Consider ethical, cultural and environmental implications
Keep a journal to record reflections

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